Can I remove my data with disk utility program?

A disk utility program is a system created by apple on the macOS operating system and it’s used to perform disk volume and disk related tasks. If need be, you can reformat and erase an entire volume.  Data gets lost once you reformat and erase the volume but if you need to keep the data, you can create a backup for it. In order for your computer’s startup disk gets erased, ensure you startup from another disk.

There are times you may need to erase volumes or disks. Once you erase a disk all files and volumes in it get deleted. On the other hand, if you erase a volume, only files in that volume gets deleted and the other volumes never get affected. Most importantly, before erasing a disk ensure you copy the files you want to another disk.

The following are some of the steps you can use I order to have your disk erased:

  1. Go to the sidebar and select the volume or disk and then click on the erase button
  2. Check for the format pop-up menu and click it and then select a volume format from the following:

Mac OS Extended (journaled); it protects the integrity of hierarchial file system by use of the Mac Format (journaled HFS Plus).

Mac OS Extended (Journaled encrypted); It encrypts the partition, requires a password and it uses the Mac format.

Mac OS Extended (journaled, Case-sensitive);It is case-sensitive to especially on folder names in that two documents with the similar names and one difference are two different folders. It also uses Mac format.

Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Case-sensitive, encrypted); It encrypts the partition, requires a password, it’s case sensitive to folder names and it uses a Mac format.

MS-DOS (FAT); It is mostly used for windows volumes which are 32GB or even less.

ExFAT; used for windows that are over 32GB.

  1. For this step you need to enter the name of the volume or disk
  2. If you may not want the erased files to be recovered, click on the security options and use the slider to select the number of times you may want to write over the formatted data and then click OK. The U.S Department of Energy standard recommends you to write over the data 3 times in order to securely erase magnetic data. On the other hand, writing over the erased data 7 times is said to meet the U.S Department of Defense 5220-22-M standard.
  3. Finally click erase and then click on done.

There are no secure erase options in Disk Utility Program when using a solid-state drive. To have the best security ensure you turn on File Vault encryption once you start to use the solid-state drive. Services such as Data Recovery Dallas in Texas have claimed to have some success in decryption mechanisms. However, File Vault is generally considered to be secure and reliable.

Overall, this steps will help you to erase your data in a more secure manner without facing any difficulties. If you need to erase your data by use of Disk Utility follow the above steps and you will not go wrong.

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