Why choose ACE for data protection other than other companies

Data protection is an entity that has the between the collection and distribution of data, the technology as well as the civic expectation of the privacy, political and legal issues that surrounds them. Data protection of arises where sensitive (private) information is collected, kept, utilized and deleted in either digital or analogue forms. The main aim of protecting data is to utilize and protect a person’s or company’s privacy. Data security, computer security and information security all together utilize the hardware, software and human aspects in order to fully address this problem.

The field of data security has therefore attracted a number of companies who have come in the light to provide the services at a fee. Different companies use different techniques and resources to ensure that their client’s preferences are met to their expectations without failure. One of those companies is ACE. This company has proved to its customers that they are indeed professionals when it comes to data protection. It has managed to maintain its customer base for a long time as well as acquire new customer. It has qualified staff who are able to use sophisticated technologies that cannot be easily protruded by viruses or persons with malicious intentions.

It is very Difficult to get a data protection company that combines both maximum recovery capabilities and affordability. There are a number of vendors who claim to be capable of protecting your information but it is only until you will want to recover the data that you will realize if it is properly protected-this may be too late for you.

Online and offline options

ACE understands your backup and rescue options. It also offers offline and online backups. It is able to protect your data in a cloud which requires a swift recovery of data without on the internet without any physical intervention. On the other hand, they can back up your data offline at a low cost and for longer period of time based on your preferences.

Availability and mobility

ACE has balanced workload, virtual machines, migrate applications and moves data between data center with no interruptions. They offer their services 24/7 throughout the year with low downtime thus enhancing performance.


ACE provides offline backup services in their servers and online backups in their private clouds. The company guarantees an information protection program that meets HIPAA requirements. Your information cannot easily be reached by just anyone with no access rights. It is the most popular data protection company that can serve you regardless of the size of your company Moreover, ACE has experience and capabilities, a high customer trust, certifications, licenses and industry involvement.

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  1. Ronald Henry says:

    i am pretty sure ACE protection are safe and very helpful, base on experience.

  2. Daisy Howell says:

    it works great to me, no complain

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